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This is my own opinion, and should not get confused with company policy. I have a latent need to write, one day, I might even finish one of those many books I started writing. The trouble is, I change my mind every 2 bloody minutes! Needless to say I should probably do more work, but a good blog makes a great advert

Full steam ahead

We currently are working on a time machine, which will allow us to finish what we are doing, and then save that stuff and do it all over again

This however is not really happening any time soon, even if we do have an Einstein on board. He is mainly interested in food and fucking, being a dog!

So the site and the blog, complete with content rich materials in which to dazzle our clients is in the making. We have 3 interesting clients and another one in the offing, life is good!

I like web designing, but I would much rather be camped under the stars, with my best friends food and a fire

There used to be just the one village idiot, nowadays it’s like fucking wrong turn, everywhere!


Having spent a number of years studying idiocy in public places, I now have pretty much no doubt that we are in some kind of post apocalyptical nightmare of smartphones and stupid people.

Most of these are apparently in the service industry, I take particular pleasure in highlighting these issues on a regular basis, to obviously help them with their online training.

Every opinion has an arsehole, arguing it…

Think about it, for every arsehole is another opinion, and 99% of these opinions have been mind crafted from the ministry of magic… I mean Tavistock institute for human manipulation

Or at least that’s the information which seems to be type casted across the interweb would ascertain anyway. That is neither here nor there, it is only customary to acknowledge the fact that everyone is an arsehole with an opinion, then I must be one too!

Contrary to what many people might imagine my wish to change this arsehole opinion that I might actually be an arsehole with an opinion, to one of a more altruistic nature I find myself actually feeling quite comfortable being my arsehole self. It is indeed liberating to admit that I too am an arsehole, and proud of it


I hope that you have enjoyed this first view into the crazy mind of moi, Pop by, like the page, book a meeting. I promise to be much more eloquent than I am here.

It is becoming blindingly obvious that we must possibly cut down the swearing and try and reduce the commentary to funny quips about kids and dogs.. Fuck that, we only have but one life to live. However in the strictest want of trying to appear slightly domesticated and civilised to the watching world I shall reduce these awful comments on my arseholeness and other people’s stupidity, to the story of Einstein, My dog, and managing director for tax purposes!

Till next time